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Alpha 1.9 - Supervisors And More Business Types
Alpha 1.9 has been released with the new supervisor role for your freelance business and 3 new business types. Your Business Supervisor Now you can promote one of your employees to supervisor. A supervisor auto-assigns jobs to workers, impr...
1 file — 1.90
Alpha 1.8 - Stock Market and Luxury Views
What's new? Alpha 1.8 is out with the new Stock Market feature. Note you need to start a new game for the location to appear. It's not in its proper real-life location on the Sydney map, but things are getting pretty crowded in the city cen...
1 file — 1.80
Steam keys now available for Itch.io purchasers
I didn't realise some people might not have received the email I sent about getting your Steam key if you purchased from Itch.io. Please find your Steam key for This Grand Life by clicking on the request key button on your purchase page. If...
Alpha 1.7 - Home Services and Unicode support
I wasn't planning on releasing an update, but I've discovered a potential issue and it's better to fix it now rather than later when the game is live on Steam. The problem was multiple currency/language support. NOTE this means saved games...
1 file — 1.70
This Grand Life - Analysing The Stock Market
Firstly, what an exciting two weeks it's been! Watching people play the game has given me feedback on things to improve, and I've released many small game updates as a result. I think the new system with lots of small updates will continue...
2 files — 1.66
Alpha 1.6 Update - Polish and Paint
I've been focusing on retesting every existing feature and fixing issues over the past week. With the Steam Early Access 3 weeks away, I'll be sending out press builds soon and want the game to be as stable as possible. This means the Stock...
2 files
Keeping Score - Adding Charts to This Grand Life
Firstly, a minor update Alpha 1.51 has been released which fixes some bugs that were found: Fixed missing Coin Collecting Album from Collector's Store Fixed missing Bachelor Of Arts and Philosophy from University Fixed withholding tax not t...
1 file
Alpha 1.5 Update, Steam Announcement and New Trailer
Lots to talk about! Firstly, the Steam page for This Grand Life is up and there's a new trailer to go along with it. I'll be launching on Steam Early Access on 23rd October and aim for a full launch in the first half of next year. If you pu...
2 files