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Release 1.2 - Survival Mode and the Hospital
This update features a new Survival Mode, Hospital location and doctor career path. Survival Mode In Survival Mode you have been diagnosed with Zombitus, a term...
1 file — 1.21
This Grand Life is fully launched!
This Grand Life has now been fully released. A big thank you to all the players who have been on this journey with me. We've grown our careers, bought our first...
2 files — 1.01
Alpha 2.6 - Balancing and Other Improvements
Alpha 2.6 has been released. This is mostly a re-balancing and minor improvements update. Now your business supervisors can auto-buy materials to the amount you...
1 file — 2.60
Release Launch Date Announcement
The release launch date is set for This Grand Life on 17th April, 2018! What does this mean? This means there won't be any more major features added. The next t...
Alpha 2.5 - Relationships Part 2: Family And Children
Alpha 2.53 has been released, just in time for Valentine's Day (almost). I started talking about the dating portion of the game in the last update. After some t...
1 file — 2.53
Alpha 2.5 - Relationships Part 1: Dating And Marriage
The Steam test server has been updated to Alpha 2.5 with the new relationships and family feature. If all goes well, it will be released to everyone next week...
Alpha 2.44 and City Poll
Some minor optimizations in this update. Also, to get an idea of what kind of city players want next I've created a poll. You can vote at the link below: Which...
1 file — 2.44
Alpha 2.4 – Workshop Support and more Advanced City Options
Steam Workshop This part is mostly about Steam workshop support, but players can still modify their games by specifying where their mods are stored in t...
1 file — 2.40