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Personal Finance Simulator

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Alpha 2.4 – Workshop Support and more Advanced City Options
Steam Workshop This part is mostly about Steam workshop support, but Itch.io players can still modify their games by specifying where their mods are stored in t...
1 file — 2.40
Alpha 2.3 - Amsterdam and Advanced City Options
This update adds Amsterdam as a playable map and advanced city options to make each playthrough even more unique. Also a reminder that the game's price will be...
2 files — 2.31
Price Increase Announcement and Alpha 2.21 Minor Update
Just as inflation relentlessly drives the prices of products higher in This Grand Life, the game is getting a real-life price increase at the beginning of...
1 file — 2.21
Alpha 2.2 - Statistics, Achievements and Expensive Items
In this update I'll talk about end-game statistics, achievements, some new expensive items and other miscellaneous changes. The process of adding Steam achievem...
1 file — 2.2
Alpha 2.1 - New York City and Improved Events System
This update features New York as a new playable city, an updated Sydney map and an improved events system with more tempting special events. New York In New Yor...
1 file — 2.10
Alpha 2.0 - Education Loans, Factory and Engineering, and Transport Options
This update features the new education loans, the factory location and engineer career path, and new transport options. Education Loans Instead of paying the fu...
1 file — 2.01
Alpha 1.9 - Supervisors And More Business Types
Alpha 1.9 has been released with the new supervisor role for your freelance business and 3 new business types. Your Business Supervisor Now you can promote one...
1 file — 1.90
Alpha 1.8 - Stock Market and Luxury Views
What's new? Alpha 1.8 is out with the new Stock Market feature. Note you need to start a new game for the location to appear. It's not in its proper real-life l...
1 file — 1.80