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Release 1.3 - Hyperinflation Mode
The central banks have lost control. Prices are increasing at an alarming rate. Economic growth is stalling and money-less clouds loom over the horizon. Welcome...
1 file — 1.30
Release 1.2 - Survival Mode and the Hospital
This update features a new Survival Mode, Hospital location and doctor career path. Survival Mode In Survival Mode you have been diagnosed with Zombitus, a term...
1 file — 1.21
This Grand Life is fully launched!
This Grand Life has now been fully released. A big thank you to all the players who have been on this journey with me. We've grown our careers, bought our first...
2 files — 1.01
Alpha 2.6 - Balancing and Other Improvements
Alpha 2.6 has been released. This is mostly a re-balancing and minor improvements update. Now your business supervisors can auto-buy materials to the amount you...
1 file — 2.60
Release Launch Date Announcement
The release launch date is set for This Grand Life on 17th April, 2018! What does this mean? This means there won't be any more major features added. The next t...
Alpha 2.5 - Relationships Part 2: Family And Children
Alpha 2.53 has been released, just in time for Valentine's Day (almost). I started talking about the dating portion of the game in the last update. After some t...
1 file — 2.53
Alpha 2.5 - Relationships Part 1: Dating And Marriage
The Steam test server has been updated to Alpha 2.5 with the new relationships and family feature. If all goes well, it will be released to everyone next week...
Alpha 2.44 and City Poll
Some minor optimizations in this update. Also, to get an idea of what kind of city players want next I've created a poll. You can vote at the link below: Which...
1 file — 2.44
Last post
Please tell me what game engine?I just wanted to play on my phone (Ren'Py Rpg Maker)
started by PedroMbanza 59 days ago
3 replies
I've just uploaded a new demo, which provides a 'vertical slice' of the game to show what kind of experience the final p...
started by PokingWaterGames Mar 25, 2017
1 reply
Anytime I play This Grand Life while streaming on Twitch through StreamLabs OBS, the game crashes to desktop, without fa...
started by drdynastic Nov 18, 2019
2 replies
please help the files listed in the zip page will not open so i can play the game. i tried opening the grand life exe. f...
started by ghostdragon75 Oct 02, 2017
5 replies
If you had a Mac version I would buy it. When I had my PC, I played your demo and it was great but I really need that Ma...
started by Tayydominique Jan 12, 2019
No replies yet
Hi, Is this game available for Mac or planning on being so, as I'm desperate to play since it looks amazing but I'm rest...
started by kilokish Apr 07, 2018
2 replies
Every time i load the save-file the game crashes after about 15 minutes an 25 seconds (i measured it with a stopwatch)...
started by Evil_Earny Dec 29, 2017
6 replies
Hi. Just got the game and now i can't open it ? When i open then game, it open to the: Loading this... and it just crash...
started by SCORPiODK Dec 26, 2017
4 replies
Wins 7 Pro AMD A8-3870 APU 3 GHz, AMD HD 6550 graphics, 8 GB Ram, 64 bit Operating system
started by DocRask Dec 01, 2017
4 replies
Played the game at a lower screen resolution (non fullscreen) and attempted to adjust the screen size and it crashed. Wo...
started by DV_1stCav Jun 17, 2017
6 replies
To whom it may concern (and be willing to help me out): I've got the demo and would love to buy the full game, but I can...
started by EdwardBishop Nov 26, 2017
4 replies
Hello, I understand the purchased game comes with a steam key. Does the game require a steam account to play or can you...
started by MadeaJ Nov 08, 2017
2 replies
Hi, I am a Mac user and would like to know whether is there any plan for the game to be available in Mac platform? Thank...
started by arief92 Oct 08, 2017
1 reply
Hi. I just purchased the game and am having fun with it so far. I like that the Custom Game sandbox mode has so many opt...
started by Sam Aug 09, 2017
4 replies