Release 1.2 - Survival Mode and the Hospital

This update features a new Survival Mode, Hospital location and doctor career path.

Survival Mode

In Survival Mode you have been diagnosed with Zombitus, a terminal disease with no cure. Doctors have given you a few months to a few years to live. The disease will progress faster as time goes on and treatments will become more expensive. Eventually, they will be unable to slow the disease's advance.

When in Survival Mode, your current score is displayed prominently on the weekly summary. What do you want to achieve in your remaining time? You can aim for maximum happiness, wealth or knowledge, or just try to get as high a score as possible. You could also try to stay alive as long as you can.

To go with this new game mode, we also have a new Hospital location where you will go for Zombitus Treatments.

Hospital Location and Doctor Career Path

At the Hospital you can donate blood to trade health for happiness, or attend your yearly checkup for a big health boost. You can also embark on one of the longest career paths in the game - becoming a doctor.

In real life, it takes between 12-16 years to become a specialized doctor (surgeon, physician, etc). In the game I've shortened it slightly, but it's still a long and grueling process of studying and working to reach the top. To compensate, the wage rates are also the highest in the game. As with the other career paths, the wage rates on the doctor career path are based on real life statistics.

Here's the full list of changes in Release 1.21:

  • Added Survival Mode and related items
  • Added Transportation Services business
  • Added Real Estate business and related education
  • Added Gym Trainer and Gym Manager to Stadium
  • Added Volunteer As Coordinator to Town Hall
  • Added Hospital location to all maps
  • Added Doctor career path and education
  • Added Donate Blood and Yearly Checkup special events to Hospital
  • Added education and experience speed advanced options
  • Changed grocery subscription delivery description to be generic
  • Implemented home restrictions for actions from data files
  • Implemented healthcare cost modifier for actions from data files
  • Added mode played to scoreboard
  • Removed Bachelor Of Engineering from trait selection
  • Implemented proper score calculation even without achieving goals
  • Added new 'Read' action for items on Possessions screen
  • Realigned suppress and close buttons on Weekly Summary
  • Added homesDeny tag for modding

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Version 1.21 May 17, 2018

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