Release 1.3 - Hyperinflation Mode

The central banks have lost control. Prices are increasing at an alarming rate. Economic growth is stalling and money-less clouds loom over the horizon. Welcome to Hyperinflation Mode, a new setting for This Grand Life in 2022.

In a normal game, the central bank will raise interest rates to stay ahead of inflation and there is a dampener effect to make sure the economic conditions are always playable to some extent.

For Hyperinflation Mode, I've added a permanent upwards pressure on inflation (caused by various external factors). The central bank is also much more reluctant to increase interest rates to control it, preferring to preserve economic growth as much as they can.

In this hyperinflationary life, can you still achieve your financial goals as they move further out of reach with each passing week? Or perhaps it's easier to focus on other goals in such an environment...

DISCLAIMER: Any similarities to central banks, living or dead, or actual economic conditions is purely coincidental.

Release 1.30:

  • Added Hyperinflation Mode
  • Fixed Doctor education not contributing to knowledge goal
  • Added Private Investigator business

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Version 1.30 Jul 19, 2022

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