Price Increase Announcement and Alpha 2.21 Minor Update

Just as inflation relentlessly drives the prices of products higher in This Grand Life, the game is getting a real-life price increase at the beginning of 2018.

If you haven't bought the game and it seems interesting to you, get in now before the price goes up in early January. If you have bought the game, of course you won't have to pay extra and thanks for your support so far :)

Also a minor update has been released with the following changes:

=Alpha 2.21=
  • Reduced number of popups further
  • Added popup suppression option to expiry windows
  • Added popup suppression to End Of Week
  • Expanded save list to multiple columns
  • Added more logging to game start
  • Added times evicted to statistics
  • Upgraded some internal stuff
  • Removed redundant font caching

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Version 2.21 Dec 28, 2017

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